Have you ever commit all file from your project. After that, you realize that threre is a file (or files) you are not ready to commit it. So, the problem is that you want to remove a file from last commit?

Here you can see in the image below. I have one commit and 2 new files.

remove file from commit 1

The problem comes when i commit both "file2" and "file3". And suppose that file3 is the file i don't want to commit

remove file from commit 2

Okey .Let's do some very simple stuff to remove "file3" from last commit.

NOTE: In this post, i use SourceTree. You can use other tool or use git command line

Step 1: Reset to last commit use "SOFT" option

remove file from commit 3

Step 2: Remove file (files) you don't want to commit.

You can see i've comeback to last commit and new files still there.

remove file from commit 4

Let's unstage file (files) you don't want to commit.

In this case, i remove "file3"

remove file from commit 5

Step 3: Commit

You can now re-commit without files you don't want.



Please leave a comment to let me know that you successfully removed the unwanted files.



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